Creed 2's Finished Script Confirms the Involvement of Drago

Posted 2017/07/21 1693 0

An Instagram post from Sylvester Stallone seems to confirm that the infamous Ivan Drago will appear in Creed 2.


In a new Instagram post, Rocky creator Sylvester Stallone confirmed several things about MGM‘s in-development Creed II. For one, that he himself has written the full script, or at least what will serve as the basis for the script, after Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington wrote the last one by themselves. Second, he has solidified what many had assumed for a while, which is that Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago, and probably his offspring, will be involved in a big bloody battle with Adonis Creed in the ring. Here's what Sylvester Stallone had to say in his post.

"Just done....if you are curious , around 439 handwritten pages translates into about a 120 page typed screenplay ...#writers cramp #rockybalboa #drago #adoniscreed #MGM"

In June, Stallone posted a picture of him directing Apollo and Drago, and described them as “the two best cinema boxers that ever lived.” He then suggested that “maybe it’s time to try to again?” Stallone also posted a photoshopped image of Donnie Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan) facing off against Drago with Stallone in the center. One concern about the character’s return is the actor’s age. Lundgren, at 59, could be considered too old for a boxing match with Adonis. However, the actor is still in excellent shape and continues to star in action films, so getting back into the ring doesn’t seem too unlikely.

Creed came out in 2015 and was a big commercial success, grossing $173.5 million worldwide. The movie was also a massive critical success. Sylvester Stallone even managed to earn a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Academy Awards for portraying Rocky Balboa. With that chain of success, MGM was said to be bullish about getting a sequel on the fast track. The original plan was for Creed II to land in theaters in November of 2017, which would not allow Ryan Coogler time to direct given his commitment to deliver Marvel Studios’ Black Panther for a February 16, 2018 release. However, since Stallone has only now finished the script, it is possible Coogler could come back.